The Ask :

Daylighted creates digital art galleries in public spaces, such as restaurants and hotels, offering them the opportunity to display and sell artwork. Daylighted sought to unify their many moving parts (web, tablet, and LCD) into one cohesive whole, in addition to finding a  better means of connecting with guests. 

Client : Daylighted
Role : Experience Researcher & Strategist

Solution: By clarifying the architecture, rethinking the cross-platform connections, and tightening  messaging, our team married the disjointed experiences of tablet and website into one streamlined, easy  flow.


A survey of 30+ respondents indicated that

  • everyone travels
  • 40% had purchased art while traveling
  • 75% were millenials
  • Daylighted's content resonates with millenial users 
  • gallery-image

Heuristic Evaluation

A lot can be gained by observing what Daylighted already has. When reviewing the website and tablet in detail, we explored many layers, both on the surface and below.

Task Analysis

Users were asked to perform the following tasks after we gave them pre-defined scenarios:

  1. Explore art on tablet.

  2. Save one artwork of interest.

  3.  Purchase art on website.


User Feedback

We gathered and ordered user feedback by the level of frequency of the following type of comments, and grouped the issues in three distinct categories.


We successfully tied together Daylighted’s multiple platforms with one consistent look and feel,  Our new content strategy drew users in with relevant and meaningful information by establishing a deeper connection between the users and the artists.  

Daylighted FINAL V3.003Daylighted FINAL V3.003